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Living the Culture of Life

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There is no doubt that when you look at our store that you can see we have a passion for designing uplifting and very unique gifts. We LOVE it! We are honored to support our men and women in the Armed Services. We are also honored to design Catholic/Christian gifts for those who are so inclined. That being said, we live in a weird time. We live in a time when friends and family will cut you off for your belief and profession in God. We live in a time when those same people will cut you off if you support Donald Trump. Not only that but we are living in a time when you can get fired from your job for talking about God or for supporting Donald Trump. What are corporations and people so afraid of?? Who are in their pockets? There is a consolation for those who have been treated so unfairly though and it lies in this phrase: evil may have its hour but God will have His day. God will provide! That being said, grace builds on nature. Men and women of good-will need to step up and face this onslaught. The time for remaining silent is over even if it means going through a white martyrdom. Just look at the life of St. Thomas Moore. Yes, his was a red martyrdom, but he can inspire us to live more courageous lives. The reason we started this store was to combat the culture of death and to promote the Culture of Life but don't think it hasn't been born without a price to pay. 

The Culture of Life can be found in anything that is life-affirming, beautiful, and virtuous. Beauty speaks for itself. Kindness speaks for itself as does grace but there also comes a time to stand up to the dark forces in this world for they have gained a foothold, mostly because too many good men and women have remained silent. We just pray it's not too late. 

There are fantastic people out there fighting the good fight. People from all walks of life and religions. We need to support them and call out lies when we see them. Social media has become a place to voice your opinions but now that voice has been silenced in part due to unfair and bias corporate practices and unfair algorithms. It is unfortunate that we as a society have become so reliant on the big social media platforms but we can't deny the reality of the role they play in society. We need to band together so our voices can be heard. 

Do you do anything to promote virtue, goodness, or integrity? Share it! Have you been ousted by family, friends, or employers due to your godly beliefs? If so, we should support each other so we don't feel so alone. I know many stories of people out there who have been unjustly marginalized due to lies and deceit. You read of many people who have been attacked for their support of Donald Trump. This is an all-out spiritual attack (and in many cases physical attacks). Where are the good guys? Don't remain silent friends. You have a life too, it needs to be protected. Just quietly living your life and ignoring what is going on isn't going to cut it any longer. Evil has become outright brazen and acceptable in our society and it isn't getting any better. Create your uplifting life! Create your own uplifting memories and share them so all can see goodness. 

That being said I want to highlight a great show on Facebook called "Returning the Favor" by Mike Rowe. 2.3 million people like the page and millions watch each video. The premise of the show is that Mike gets tipped regarding good people who are doing good things for society and he visits them to learn more about what they are doing. Of course, his staff does all of the background work but by the end of the show, the good people are given a large check, inventory for their particular mission, and they get the whole community to show up and support them and show them tons of love. That part is the most touching. It's like the line in "It's A Wonderful Life", "To George, the richest man in town." 

These are the very things the heart of man longs for, goodness, to be appreciated, to be see and be seen. Friends, don't hide your talents under a bushel basket. Go and let them bear good fruit! 



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  • I’ve never heard of the show you mentioned, but it sounds so sweet! I’ll have to check it out. I am always so inspired to see ordinary people loving others well. We really can change the world if choose to do that.

    • Carissa
  • Thank you for encouraging us to share what’s true, good, and beautiful!

    • Sara