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Valley Green

Canadian mist. Poem by Wenqi

Valley Green

By Wenqi Glantz

Dots of green, pale still
Weaving a thin veil
In a tender baby breath
Life unfolds, despite the chill

Leaves of green, twigs of green
Green mist slowly rising
Thin veil gently falling
Yet another sketch of Valley Green, in the making

A fisherman's patient stare
A jogger's rosy cheeks
Two blue birds flying across the still creek
Leaving enchanting trace, twinkling with glare

Lashes open, lashes close
The chanting breeze tickles my quiet joy
Turning, I hear 
The echoing of life, life, life...

All photos taken by Craig and Wenqi Glantz. This photo was taken in Canada during a family vacation in April of 2019. 

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  • Very beautiful poem. Reading it actually gave me a feeling of serenity ♥️

    • Alicia
  • I love the line that “Life unfolds, despite the chill.” It struck me as so profound. There is so much hope in that. Even when things are tough we carry on. I’ve been waking up really early with my baby this past week, and it’s beautiful to watch the world wake up and unfold. Thank you for sharing!

    • Victoria Kieser