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The Lake With a Soul

The Lake with a Soul 

-Wenqi Glantz

Us, a fun loving family 

Getting lost exploring in the wilderness 

Winding roads landed us at Maiden Creek

At dusk, when the fog is rising 

Awe-struck at the glance of this living water color painting 

Layered tree lines outline a vivid multidimensional lake 

The lake with a soul

Gleaming with serenity 

This is His deep gaze

A soft blink 

Love would be overflowing

This is His heartstrings 

A gentle touch 

Melody so moving that would draw tears

This is His invitation 

Pause, and 

Meet that One and only gaze

The gaze into His heart

Where harmony is unmatched...


A beautiful poem written by my, wife Wenqi Glantz, on my birthday. As a family, we love exploring new lands, lakes, mountains, countries. We have traveled as a family to China 3 times, went to Italy for our honeymoon, and went to Canada for our 10-year wedding anniversary this year. We also love going to Lancaster, Pa, New York, the Divine Mercy Shrine, North Carolina, and plenty of other places up and down the East Coast of America. More poems to come from my lovely bride!

All photos taken by Craig and Wenqi Glantz. This particular photo was taken in Middlecreek Wildlife Reserve in Lancaster County, Pa.

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1 comment

  • Beautiful! Seeing God in nature — always fresh and new!

    • Julia