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The Gaze

By Wenqi Glantz

The Gaze

In the dim dark light
Softly rises Your gaze
Through the veil of the unfathomable incense

Into the innermost room of Your mystical castle You invite me
Deep speaks to deep
I immerse myself into Your ocean

In utter amazement
I step into the spotlight of Your gaze
Pierced by the radiance of Your arrows, my heart in healing pain

gaze thousands of ages old
Magnetic to souls innumerous
How could such a heart-brokenly tender gaze
Hold the arduous weight the world demands?

Into feather light, life's stormy strivings and struggles dissolve
Passions and compassions, unleashed,
All, being gently absorbed into --

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1 comment

  • Dang. This is SO good. I’ll be returning to this one several more times!

    • Carissa