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Song of the Sky

Song of the Sky

-By Wenqi Glantz

The first breath of spring
When snow is still on the brow
Quietly you arrived 
With messages from above

On still waters you roost
Silently counting down the arrival of dawn
A tacit blink to awake from winter’s dream
An uplifting stir in the piercing air

Few Cheerful honks
Up flying — two, ten...
A whole flock of thousands 
Rapturing from the gleaming lake

Twirling to and fro, snow flakes into clouds
A splendid show, in slow motion 
Dancing in the solemn cello of sunrise 
Ushering in a new season

Song of the Sky
Melody of Heaven 
A brief stop on your journey home north
Only to remind us — 
we are all but — in fleeting exile
Homebound, to be loved...

All photos taken by Craig and Wenqi Glantz. This particular photo was taken at Middlecreek Wildlife Reserve in Lancaster County, Pa.

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  • You wonderfully captured the natural world’s rhythmic cohesion, and I am encouraged to stop along the journey of life and love so I can hear its beauty.

    • Kyle Forbush
  • You capture nature so perfectly! That last stanza leaves me with so much to ponder—so beautiful.

    • Victoria Kieser
  • This is absolutely lovely! Hard for me to read because of a loss, but surprisingly helpful!!

    • Tim Lucchesi