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Lily Gianna

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Our store is dedicated to our second daughter Lily Gianna. Lily was born on August 1st, 2012 and died the same day after gracing us for a brief while, one hour and eighteen minutes to be exact. We were able to baptize her as she was born alive, thank God! Here's the back story.

We were excited about the 20-week ultrasound and drove to the doctor with the hope of learning more about our newest little one. As the doctor ran the ultrasound wand over my wife's belly he was quiet but all the while was pushing down hard. After a while, he stated that our baby's head was pushed up very close to the uterine wall and he couldn't get a good look. He looked for a few more agonizing minutes and then he unloaded the news. "Your baby has a fatal disorder called anencephaly and she will not survive. You want to think about aborting her because it would be cruel to let her live in this condition." Well, that was not an option for us. There were varying opinions regarding how much pain she would feel in this condition and no one really knew for sure. Not only that we were not going to kill our daughter because she had a fatal diagnosis. After the appointment, we drove home and through tears, we tried to get a grip on the new reality that has just hit us. Then life went on.

My wife returned to work as normal, big belly and all and had to endure everyone congratulating her on her new baby. She held back many tears. It took some time for the news to fully sink in but when it came time to give birth we met Lily face to face. 

On August 1st, 2012, Lily Gianna graced the world with her presence, unique and unrepeatable. Both of her grandmothers were able to hold her and we placed Lily on my wife's chest, skin to skin. Her eyes were dynamic but they held a difficult story. I baptized her almost immediately after my wife received her and we knew that she would go straight to Heaven. It has been several years since the birth and passing of Lily but her intercessory power is strong. She continues to lift us up to Heaven, showing us the way through prayer. She is not dead, she is alive! 

Lily's birthday was an absolute joy! It was not a horrific experience despite the gross injury to her head and brain. On the contrary, it was full of a ton of grace. If any of you are faced with such a tough decision know that you can not go wrong if you choose life. It is not easy but you will be blessed and so will your baby and your entire family. If you want to learn more about anencephaly click go to:

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  • What a beautiful tribute and testimonial. My friend had the same diagnosis with her first born. Her and her husband named her Ryan. The doctor made the same suggestion about abortion. Ryan lived for a year. My friend Sue said it was the best year of their lives!

    • Amy
  • I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your beautiful but heartbreaking story. What courage you had, to defy the doctors and let your sweet baby live. <3

    • Sara
  • Craig & Wenqi, thank you for sharing your story about Lily! Your little Saint is in heaven with our Lord, what a comfort ! I have a brother Sebastian who we lost around 20 weeks who is in heaven with Lily ♥️

    • Alicia Baker